Kylie Jenner Lip Kit Review!

These damn lip kits. It seems as though the hype is everywhere, yet when it comes to actually buying these babies it is near enough possible. I tried several times on the release dates but they just sold out within minutes! Eventually I turned to eBay, and had to buy one for slightly more expensive. However, I am so so so happy I did. 

Let’s start with colour. I chose the colour ‘Dolce K‘ it’s the second last darkest shade; let’s say it’s a muted brown with grey and purple undertones. It’s beautiful. My skin is olive toned, and this is one of the most flattering colours I’ve ever seen on myself. Let alone the best brown I’ve ever tried. It’s chic doesn’t look too gothic or vampy, it looks elegant.  


If the rest of the colours compare to this one then I’ll be extremely interested in buying more. I currently have my eye on ‘True Brown K‘. 😉 

Another thing I loved (which you may not) is the difference it made to the shape and appearance of my lips. It made them look fuller without looking unnatural. I slightly over lined with the pencil (which is creamy and beautiful), and I got the classic Kylie lip look which I didn’t expect at all! 

I put this on about 7.30pm to go out. I got tons of compliments and it stayed on amazingly. I drunk with a straw all night so I did get a little fading on my inner lips, but everything else stayed perfectly. 

I found it very drying for the first hour, I can’t lie. I didn’t want to smile too much in fear of cracking the product on my lips, but after you drink something it softens slightly and gives an unnoticeable feeling. 

When I kissed my boyfriend there was no transferring which was great. 😉 

I am blown away by this product and I want all of them now! 

I recently also purchased the Kat Von D and also the ColourPop matte lip products, both of which are a cheaper alternative, so I’ll definitely do a comparison of the three. 

But for now, I’d highly suggest purchasing one of these! They are super pigmented so only get a colour you’ll feel amazing and confident with. 

Thanks for reading! 

Be sure to stick around for more 🙂

Ella x 

Urban Decay Naked 3 VS w7 Palette

Dupes are a lifesaver. (Dupes meaning copies)…Not all of us can afford luxurious, high end products..especially if you don’t have an income/are still a student. So why not try and replicate some of the worlds best make-up products for as cheap as chips?

One of the most highly speculated/in demand make-up products on the market is Urban Decay’s Naked palette‘s. Naked is particularly hyped as it claims to be ‘brimming with 12 gold-hued eyeshadow shades’ and is ‘anything but dull’. And I’ve got to admit that I do agree with this claim.

But what if your budget doesn’t stretch as far as £38.50? (That’s about 3.20 an eyeshadow). I know mine doesn’t; I had to be given my naked palette’s as a gift. Prior to Christmas, I only owned the w7 palette‘s which are a pretty obvious replica of the Naked ones.

Having owned Naked 1 & 3 plus the w7 dupes for a durable period, I feel I can make a pretty standard judgement on what the differences are (if any)! And hopefully this helps some of you who are trying to cut down on make-up spending just like me.

So let’s start out with a picture comparison of both.(I’ll be using Naked 3 and the w7 ‘In the Nude’ palette for this comparison).

The outside packaging is quite similar. Both are aesthetically pleasing and cute to have on show on a dressing table etc…

The colour similarity is 90% accurate I’d say. There are some small differences, but overall, they are really accurate colour dupes as the picture shows.

When swatched, you can see that the Naked Palette is more pigmented and the colour pay off is slightly better and less faded. And when I wiped off the swatches with a make-up wipe, the left took a little more elbow grease to budge, showing it has slightly better staying power.

I then tried a simple eyeshadow look on the eye to see the difference when actually applied.

Lid: Buzz     Crease: Mugshot   Lash Line: Blackheart   Brow Bone/Inner corner: Strange 

The eye on the left is using w7 and the right is Naked 3. 

As you can see, there’s ultimately no difference. The w7 gives a smokier, less harsh look due to the less pigmented shadow. The Naked colours give off a much better colour pay and pop more/are more noticeable. However because of this, they can look less smoky because they are harder to blend. So it’s up to you how you like your eyeshadow to look.

After a couple of hours of wearing the eyeshadow, the w7 began to crease and become oily on the lid. The Naked one had small signs of  creasing but was ultimately the same as when applied.

The brush from the w7 palette is quite frankly..rubbish. I advise using your own brushes. They have a stiff brush on one side and an old school rounded sponge applicator on the other. The Naked brushes are good for ‘all over the lid’ but not for blending.However they do pick up colour really well, especially in contrast to w7.

All in all, I’d say that purchasing the w7 palette for under £5 compared to Naked which is just under £40 is very commendable and I recommend it if you are on a budget.

However, you have to be prepared for it to be less pigmented and not to last as long. It also doesn’t have the ‘sheen’ that Naked has. It also doesn’t have names which could be considered a bit on the boring side. But for the money, you can’t complain much! You’ll definitely be getting a portable variation of nudes that you can easily fit into your make-up bag for on-the-go jobs!

Here’s the link for the w7 palette on Amazon:

And here’s the link for Urban Decay’s Naked 3:|pcrid|51900270279|pkw||pmt|

Feel free to follow this blog and to comment your own opinions of either palette. I’d be very interested to see if you agree with my review! Do you have any great dupes that you’d recommend? Let me know 🙂

Ella x